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Do Medical Animated Videos Help Boosting Website Traffic?

Do you remember how the internet began? The internet was originally a simple web of text documents. Most of us have seen the evolution of the internet. The internet has made things easier and images, audios, and videos are now commonplace.

The changing landscape of the internet has had a major impact on marketing strategies. There's a lot of demand for innovative, interactive, and informative marketing techniques. What could be better than animated videos? Medical animated videos have the potential to significantly impact digital marketing. 

Image Source: Google

It may seem strange to some, but tech giants have used it for years. Microsoft, Apple, eBay, and Fujitsu used animated videos to promote MS Office and Windows. Because animated videos are so affordable and more visible to the audience than static videos, it is easy to see why animated videos will be a key marketing tool in the future of digital marketing.

60% of visitors prefer to watch videos, if they are available. Video that explains the company's commitment to its services and promises is more likely than a video explaining the same thing. It's also a known fact that animated illustrations are more appealing to people than videos. People who watch videos are 89% more likely than others to invest in a product or service. 

It's easier to view videos than read text. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to animated videos. This media has a long-term existence. It is a common rule that animated videos should be kept short. This is to ensure that the customer remains satisfied for the duration of the video and to keep production costs low.