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Choose The Onboarding Strategy To Build Your Program

Build a better ecosystem with our seamless integration with Candidate Tracking System (ATS), Screening, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Payroll System and Training Management (LMS).

Introduction is the first step in building a team. A quick tour and a quick welcome email aren't enough – in a perfect world, you'd fly every new employee into every office to help them get to know each other and your team members.

Fortunately, there are more efficient and less expensive ways to introduce new team members to work on every team in every location. By downloading the top onboarding software on laptop or smartphone, each of your new employees can create a short video for themselves during the activation process. 

By uploading employee introductory videos to your internal video library, you are effectively building a peer-to-peer video directory that is accessible company-wide.

Socialization teaches new employees the values, norms, and behavior patterns that will help them become successful employees in the company. But with more people working remotely and teams working in distributed offices, it's getting harder for new hires to actually find their way.

It provides companies with flexible video-based solutions that can take employees on an evolutionary journey to understand the various people and groups that truly define corporate culture. With searchable video portals like YouTube that are full of training, knowledge and communication, new hires can organically gain a broader view of your culture regardless of their location.