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Can Greenhouse Automation Deliver Higher Farm Productivity?

To maximize the effects of cultivable land, modern agricultural practices are adopted, and greenhouse cultivation is one of the richest farming methods.

Using greenhouse automation is the modern crop cultivation practices that help in growing plants outdoors their normal seasonal cycle by facilitating the strength and their increase in a controlled environment. For more information about greenhouse automation visit

After establishing a greenhouse, there is a need for monitoring and regular maintenance. It was expensive to find skilled workers to run the greenhouse. Greenhouse automation is a simple solution. By building an automated system, labor required in both the number and skills, for site maintenance is drastically reduced.

 A programmable system can also reduce the margin of error in managing the greenhouse environment for the long run. A basic monitoring system of interest in mimicking optimal conditions through sensor-actuator networks tight loop, which operates on pre-programmed algorithms. 

This system will be pre-fed with readings that are ideal for a variety of parameters such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, etc. The system then uses real-time reading compared to reading a pre-meal to determine the use of actuators such as sprinklers, fans,  etc. This system will automate the application of greenhouse cultivation in the true sense.