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Buying and Selling Houses

Buying or selling your home are amongst the most important decisions you will ever make and require a great deal of thought at every step between deciding on a move to the hiring of a removal van.

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Buying and Selling Houses

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The purchaser’s offer

If you’re purchasing a property it’s a good idea to make the offer subject to research and deal. Never sign a record at this point without first getting your solicitor’s advice.

The Deal

It sets out the buy price, the addresses and names of both the seller and buyer and explain the property. The contract may also have any special conditions that have been agreed between the seller and buyer, by way of instance, if the seller will execute any repairs to the house before the end date.

Leasehold property

This arises when a property is let by the owner of the freehold to the owner of the property for a period of years usually 999 years.

The lease will be quite a lengthy and fairly intricate document. The vital clauses found in leases generally include those about the duration of decades, the ground rent along with the lessee’s covenants that are limitations on usage and duties applying to the land.

Joint assets

This implies that if a single co-owner dies their share in the property automatically passes to the survivor. The alternate is that a tenancy in common that is more suitable for co-owners who don’t have any personal relationship.