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Best Tissue Paper Types

 A tissue paper has many applications and these applications completely depend on the type of tissue paper one is using. The person who uses a tissue paper must make sure that he or she uses it for the actual purpose and there is nothing wrong being done.

Here we will explain to you the types of tissues that are available and also explain the applications of each of these types. You can also buy luxury tissue paper through various online sources. You can also buy personalized tissue paper from various online sources.

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A hygienic tissue paper

A hygienic paper is mostly used as a facial tissue that is also called as a paper handkerchief. These facial tissues are bathroom tissues, household towels and also napkins.

Paper has been in the use for the purpose of hygiene since many years or even centuries. A hygienic paper as the name suggests is used for the purpose of hygiene and there is nothing that can be doubted regarding the level of hygiene that can be provided by these types of papers.

A facial tissue

A facial tissue can be termed as an absorbent, soft and also a disposable paper. As the name suggest these types of tissue papers are most suitable for the face of the user and nothing else.

This term is mostly used to refer to those types of tissues that are usually packed and sold in boxes and are designed and produced in a very convenient manner. These facial tools can be used for the nasal expulsion from the nose and other similar uses are present.