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Animal Wall Art – Black And White Stripes

When we think of wall art, we think of cartoon characters and cute childhood friends. In today's lifestyle, you can find jungle animals for kindergarten as well as real-life photos that can add drama to the theme of your living room or family room.  You can search more information about animals drywall creation via

Animal Wall Art - Black And White Stripes

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Here are some elements you can group or use alone to bring your imagination to life. These are some of the elements I have found that can be represented in animal motifs.

For animal lovers, there are many choices of wallpapers, panels, murals, and stickers. They are a quick, inexpensive, and easy to install decoration solution. Several stickers can be easily rearranged or removed and used over and over again. Accent pieces bring the charm of exotic and living animals from the outside world into your home.

In my family room, there is a copper hook for the wall animal hook which is the focal point of my room. Another animal motif that I put on the wall of the same room is the animal's head. These are not real things, but they serve the same purpose.

I proudly hang the head of the deer over the fireplace, and on both corners are the heads of horses and elephants. Most of my visitors look and ask are real? What I will answer depends on the visitor.

My house daughter has been my spaniel rooster for ten years. There was metal from the cocker spaniel all over the wall, and there was a cocker spaniel calendar in the center. This calendar is not only beautiful, it includes all my activities and special dates so I can get through the day.