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All You Need To Know About Fire Rescue Boats in Canada

Firefighting or a fire rescue boat is designed in a way to meet the special requirements of a fire rescue boat. A firefighting rescue RIB boat must have a fire pump located at the forefront of the bow to extinguish the fire as well as a life raft that can be easily deployed into the water in emergency situations. 

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These are the two most important must-have features. As for the rest, it is up to the agency’s operational requirements; to have a cabin or not, the number of engines although twin-engine is recommended, the accessories and electronics.

Besides opting for a RIB Boat because of their lightweight, speed and manoeuvrability, the firefighting boat pumping capacity is a crucial element as mentioned above. The fire rescue boat is capable of pumping 1325L/min at 10 bar pressure and 9.8ft lift. 

Moreover, it pumps water directly from below the hull, so it effectively has an unlimited supply of water available. The monitor rotates 360 degrees and has a vertical movement of 90 to 45 degrees horizontal and a reach of up to 65.6ft. 

It also has additional features that are added advantages to the fire rescue crew: A diver notch which is an opening in the tube allows one to smoothly rescue someone from the water by transporting them into the boat with ease and less pain and a customized stand integrated on stainless steel 

A frame that holds the life rafts in a manner that is space and operation efficient. Fire rescue boats can also be equipped with self deploying SOLAS approved life raft and a self-righting system.