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All About Drug Testing Kits In Ireland

Every company has strict drug testing regulations. Every company is concerned about its benefits and wants every employee to be able to live up to their expectations. They don't want their staff to have gaps in their education.

Numerous studies have shown that almost 80% of employers support drug-free testing for their employees. They want the best for their employees. There are many ways to detect drug presence in your body, other than testing your urine. You can check various drug screening kits in Ireland from top-rated online websites.

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A sample of facial saliva is taken to test for drug hairs. This method isn't very efficient as it only detects drug use within the last few days. However, it cannot detect drug use before that time.

Other methods include hair test and hair follicle test. These results are more reliable than a saliva test. The subject will not have any hair on his head if he does not have hair. However, his hair follicles can be tested for the same purpose. This is slightly more painful for the candidate

The drug testing process should be performed with extreme care. It is crucial to make sure that the sample does not become contaminated. To prevent any errors, clean disposable containers are required to be used for sample collection.

Containers must be properly labeled, sealed and checked for temperature and acid. It is important to make sure that experienced technicians perform the tests. Remember that the final results also depend on these factors, and it all comes down to one's efforts.