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Actual Purpose of Skill Assessment

Is my test confidential?

If you sign an application agreement and salary disclosure when accepting employment with the Company, then your information will become part of the Company’s personnel file and will be accessible to the individual(s) who administer the tests; however, it will not be disclosed to third parties.

If you are asked at a later date to provide verification of your employment dates with the Company, you may sign an additional confidentiality agreement. You can also use Employee Assessment Tools & Recruitment Assessment Tools from Wild Noodle.

Why do I need to take a test?

The assessment is designed so that all positions in the senior positions require passing a test that contains 100 performance questions from Level 1 through Level 3. Multiple-choice tests, performance assessments, and other types of assessments are often used in business, industry, and government.

We feel that our testing system is a useful tool for employers and employees who want to make sure job applicants have skills sufficient to perform at entry-level jobs in this industry.

The Skills Assessment is designed to help employers better understand an applicant's skills and abilities. The assessment can be used as part of the hiring process or to identify areas where a candidate may need additional training or development.

What testing materials are used in the assessment?

The Skills Assessment contains a series of questions based on an applicant's resume and answers to performance-based questions. The employer selects the level of difficulty of the questions to make sure that they can be easily completed by unskilled or inexperienced job applicants, but challenging enough for highly skilled candidates.