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Academic and Employee Development Solution – E-Learning

There are those who would argue that electronic learning should not be over used in the academic world. A lot of people still believe that there can be no substitute to the physical classroom.

These people say that the teacher needs to be physically present in order to more effectively convey the lessons and to more efficiently asses the students' skills and level of learning.

But of course, there are those who say that e learning is going to replace the old mode of teaching in classrooms. They say that the future is online. Of course, such speculation may just be too far off in the future to have any immediate effect to our existing academic system right now.

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However, according to most studies, the effectiveness and power of electronic learning as a tool for education is something that cannot be ignored. A lot of major universities are already creating courses that are completely conducted online.

There are many benefits to this. For one thing, this mode of education and professional training is able to cross boundaries of time and distance. These would have been the two biggest constraints that have been a constant problem for classroom based learning and training. This is especially true for working professionals who need or want to take extra courses or training in order to improve their resume and open up more career opportunities.

These professionals will not have any spare time to go to class and rearrange their delicate schedule just for that. Also, people living far away from the school will find that e learning may be the best solutions to their problem since in full online classes; there is absolutely no need to get a dorm and stay near the school or even drive to the school everyday.

Three years ago, there are already more than 3.5 million people who are enrolled in online classes in the U.S. alone. And each school year, this number keeps increasing by almost fifteen percent.