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Ab Toning Belts – What You Should Know About These Belts

Whether you're looking for that ever elusive six pack or just need to learn more about your core, round up the best ab toning belts are the ideal place to begin. There are many to choose from but which ones actually work? The first step to finding a quality ab workout tool is to understand what actually motivates you to get into shape. The following guide offers insight on which types of belts may be helpful.

Ab exercise belts come in two varieties: electrical muscle stimulation and mechanical tension. Electrostatic ab belts are the least expensive, with a suggested retail price of around $60. With these, you simply stick the belt around your midsection and turn the handles in various directions to target various muscle groups. While it is easier than having to actually move your arms and/or legs to perform the exercises, you must use minimal movement and proper form to get optimal results. On the other hand, mechanical tension ab belts use an electric current to simulate the tightening or loosening action of a belt around your midsection.

Slendertone ab toning belts are made of a thick fabric and are commonly used in fitness clinics and gyms. These are typically used by professional athletes to help tone their muscles. Slendertone belts use a flexible band with metal pieces along its length. It is wrapped around your midsection and worn for around sixty minutes per session. Although they do not provide as much tension as an electronic tension belt, they do require a lower amount of physical effort than traditional ab toning belts.

Abs is another popular ab toning belt that comes with a unique electronic control panel. This belt has a standard set of belt clasps, but the panel contains two individual gel pads with electronic controllers. When you wear the belt, it automatically tightens the gel pads to your abs. The controller sends out signals to the gel pads when you bend or extend your legs. As you bend over, the belt automatically pulls your stomach in closer to your spine to tighten the ab muscles.

The Absorbent Mesh is another belt that offers a tension setting with an electronic remote control. The Ab absorbent mesh is also a very comfortable as compared to the Absorbent Belt. When you wear the belt, it automatically provides you with a stretching sensation that helps you to maintain your position. The stretch feeling provided by the Absorbent Mesh is one of the best and most comfortable feeling in the industry of exercise gear, so if it's comfort you are looking for, this might be just the right product for you.

The three aforementioned ab toning belts offer their own variations. However, the three products all have one thing in common, and that is to make sure that you wear them properly to get the maximum results from your workout. If you wear the slendertone belts properly, then you will notice that you don't feel sore right away. So make sure to follow the manufacturers recommended guidelines to ensure that you get the best possible results from your workouts with these three top rated ab toning belts.