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A New Boiler For Your Home? Check This First!

Getting a new water heater is a great way to lower the operating costs of your home – and it can help add value to your home too! Older boilers were clearly not very efficient, meaning they could use more gas than was needed to heat your home – all of which adds up to your fuel bill. 

Regarding the installation of a new water heater, this must be done by an accredited Gas Safe engineer. However, keep in mind that many companies can recommend the right boiler for your home. To know about boiler care plans visit

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When it comes to costs, different companies may charge different prices – so it's always a good idea to go for the best price (after all, it's your money!). Often people think of big brands but then forget that they can ask for more than a local company!

Also, don't forget that some companies may also offer water heaters for free. This can be very useful! Mainly because your money is spent on the boiler.

What should you do?

  • You can contact many boiler companies (large and small) and see what they have to offer. However, an old problem arose:

  • If I use a large company, it will be very expensive.

  • When I use retailers, they save money but they may not be there to help if something goes wrong. And what assurance can you give me? Will there be about a year?

  • Often it is a good idea for companies that can supply and install new water heaters, but also for companies that are large enough to offer maintenance, full warranty, and secure financial transactions.