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A Brief Study About The Zantac Lawsuit

Most of the recent cases at Zantac are about settlements with Zantac due to a possible cancer link. Hundreds of users have reported symptoms of this disease after taking Zantac. US law firms are reviewing cases of all types of cancer after taking Zantac.

Unfortunately, consumers are never aware of this high cancer risk. This is because very high levels of carcinogens are not detected until the drug reaches the abdomen and begins to melt. While it's unclear whether the company that currently owns the rights to Zantac knew of NDMA's existence and tried to cover it up. However, there are so many people who claim abdomen cancer legal actions so as to get compensation for the loss they face after taking Zantac. 

What is the Average Payout for a Zantac Lawsuit? Zantac Settlement Info

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Regulators recommend users stop using Zantac completely, or at least talk to their doctor before continuing. Most settlements claim that the makers of Zantac deliberately keep the drug's harmful and carcinogenic properties secret from consumers. Therefore, consumers who have experienced cancer side effects should be eligible for compensation.

Contamination with Zantac:

It is important to remember that the level of NDMA contamination in Zantac pills remains largely unknown. The samples tested in the lab that first achieved NDMA at Zantac contained nearly 3,000 times the legal limit for NDMA. If Zantac's creators had hidden this fact from the start, it would have been a long time before this level of NDMA went unnoticed since Zantac first launched in the 1980s. Zantac has also changed hands between different pharmaceutical companies since its inception, so masking the presence of carcinogens requires collaboration between the companies.