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3 Important Factors To Consider When Buying The Gutter Guard

You should choose the best gutter guards if your gutters are clogged. It is not a wise decision to buy any guard you find. It is important to know what factors will help you choose the best one. 

These factors will help you get durable and high-quality units. Below are some factors that will help you choose the best unit from AK Enterprises Roofing


Gutter guards are available in many sizes. You will need to determine the right size for your gutters. Some units come in a standard size, meaning they cannot be adjusted.

You might want to first consider the size of your unit. The wrong units must be returned.

The number and size of openings

These units are designed to keep debris from blocking gutters. It is important to consider the size of the holes in these units. The holes should be small enough that they block even the smallest debris, but allow water to flow freely.

The gutter guard should also have several holes to allow water to pass through without overflowing. It is important to check gutter guards for excessive holes.


You have two options when it comes to installation: hire a professional, or do it yourself. Some units are installed beneath the shingles, while others are placed on top. Water overshooting can occur if the unit is installed below the shingles. 

This could be due to the steeper slope and may result in warranty voiding. Another scenario is that water may leakage which can increase maintenance costs. Before you buy a unit, make sure to consider the costs and installation procedures.